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Lowey Dannenberg, P.C. is a local and national leader in handling complex litigation for institutions and individuals. With offices in New York and Pennsylvania and extensive experience in actions to recover financial losses and obtain other relief due to malfeasance, our team can handle a wide array of difficult and delicate legal issues. Experience and reputation distinguish Lowey Dannenberg. We have litigated hotly-contested cases at the highest levels against extremely well-funded adversaries and have forged an impressive record. Our hallmarks are thorough research, careful legal analysis, cogent writing and forceful advocacy. Federal and state court judges repeatedly commended our firm's work and results in hard-fought litigation.

Modern integrity, historical success

Founded in 1968, Lowey Dannenberg's attorneys pride ourselves on bringing integrity and resourcefulness to our clients' litigation issues. Ever since our recovery for investors in the seminal Texas Gulf Sulphur litigation, our firm has continued to earn high praise from judges in federal and state courts. Our credibility and reputation for integrity with the bench and the defense bar benefits the interests of our clients.

Our team of experienced litigators

With 35 attorneys and a support staff of 10, Lowey Dannenberg is equipped to handle even the most arduous and contentious cases. From nine-figure settlements in healthcare recovery cases to securities litigation recouping hundreds of millions for our clients, we have the experience needed to maximize your financial recovery. This experience leads four of the leading providers of health benefits, along with numerous leading private and institutional investors, to consistently seek guidance from Lowey Dannenberg for litigation needs. Our team of client-focused attorneys features lawyers with concentrations in various areas of healthcare, financial and consumer protection law. Please follow the links below to learn more about each individual attorney:





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If you or your institution has been harmed, nationally-recognized Lowey Dannenberg has the experience needed to handle your complex litigation needs. Speak with an attorney at our offices in New York or Pennsylvania online or at 914-997-0500.