Wage & Hour Litigation

Recover lost overtime wages improperly denied by employers

The Fair Labor Standards Act and some states’ laws mandate that non-exempt employees who work more than 40 hours in a workweek must receive appropriate overtime pay. Lowey Dannenberg, P.C. can help employees who have been denied this compensation recover their unfairly withheld wages. Our knowledgeable attorneys have experience litigating against major employers who have improperly denied hourly wages to their employees. We have found great success fighting these injustices in court.

Fighting well-funded employers to protect employee rights

Lowey Dannenberg has experience litigating against sizeable opposition. Among our biggest successes in wage and hour law is representing statewide classes of workers in parallel actions prosecuted in the federal courts in Pennsylvania and New York. These suits claimed that Best Buy Co., Inc. and certain of its affiliates violated state labor laws by not paying its employees for all of their worked hours by mandating that clocked-out employees wait for a security search before leaving the premises. We helped clients recover these lost wages by achieving settlements of $902,410 in Pennsylvania and $907,566 in New York plus the costs of administration to resolve class members' claims and restore their pay. Further, Best Buy agreed to change this practice. Turner v. Best Buy Co. Inc., Case No. 08-cv-1024 (E.D.N.Y) and Hall v. Best Buy Co., Inc., Case No. 07-cv-4724 (E.D. Pa.).

In another matter, Lowey Dannenberg settled a suit against a national drugstore chain on behalf of a class of employees who were allegedly forced to wait for a security check after clocking out, often waiting up to 30 minutes for a manager to conduct the search. These cases prove that Lowey Dannenberg has the mettle and resources necessary to litigate unfair wage and hour law practices against well-endowed corporations who seek to maximize profits on the backs of hourly workers.

Protect your hard earned wages with Lowey Dannenberg wage and hour litigation.

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