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As one of the premier antitrust law practices in the United States, Lowey Dannenberg, P.C. serves clients including businesses, consumers and benefit providers who pay higher prices as a result of anticompetitive practices. From conspiracies, to boycotts, to exclusive dealings, we can chart the proper litigious course to fight activities that stop price competition. Our antitrust cases have recovered money for clients who were victims of price fixing and bid rigging, output restrictions, group boycotts, price discrimination, secret rebates, tying, attempted monopolies and monopolies. We have the resources necessary to litigate these cases in a diverse array of industries including food additives, chemicals, automotive, prescription drug purchasers and metals.

Past victories from our antitrust attorneys

Lowey Dannenberg has successfully fought anticompetitive practices in a variety of fields. In fact, Partner Peter St. Phillip is a contributing editor to the American Bar Association's Antitrust Class Actions Handbook. Please see some of our success:

  • The United States District Court for the District of Delaware approved, and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed, a $44.5 million class action settlement paid by DuPont Pharmaceuticals to consumers and third party payers nationwide to settle claims of unfair marketing practices in connection with the prescription blood thinner Coumadin. Lowey Dannenberg, which had been appointed by the District Court to the plaintiffs' executive committee as the representative of third party payers, argued the successful appeal.
  • Lowey Dannenberg achieved an $80,000,000 settlement of a class action on behalf of consumers and third party payers against Aventis S.A. and Andrx Corp. The suit charged that the defendants monopolized and unreasonably restrained trade in the United States market for Cardizem CD and its generic bioequivalents. Previously, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit unanimously affirmed a landmark summary judgment of per se liability against defendants. As lead counsel, we argued both successful appeals.
  • We served as lead counsel to achieve a recovery by settlement of $25,300,000 for a class of third party payers settling claims for overcharges for the generic versions of the prescription drugs lorazepam and clorazepate.

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